Twitter’s all growed up? (as a social media marketing channel)

Yes, this is another blog post about Twitter.

It looks like Twitter’s ready for your brand. Is your airline, coffee franchise, financial services organization, non-profit, car dealership, landscaping company, ad agency, funeral home or laundromat ready to Twitter?

From a social media marketing analysis standpoint, the conversation has changed from questioning Twitter’s viability as a channel to acceptance of the tool, its audience stability and growth. The question now is, how does a brand use it without (as the internet-savvy say) EPIC FAIL?

Here are some of the recent thoughts, proofs and discussions:

  1. Dell expands Twitter strategy
  2. Dell explains their strategy on YouTube
  3. Zappos (@zappos) has 400+ employees on Twitter (and amazing online reputation/WOM momentum), and here are the employees:
  4. Bryan Person (@BryanPerson) is collecting “BrandsOnTwitter” Delicious Links
  5. Jeremiah Owyang (@jowyang) analyzes at the Brands that have been unsuccessful on Twitter
  6. Fortune Magazine highlights Twitter’s potential

Let me know if you find more analysis to help brand planners and marketers understand Twitter.

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Update: Jeremiah Owyang has posted his recommendations for Brands on Twitter.

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