Coleman Get Outside Day

The Outdoor Company’s call-to-actual-action

Coleman’s integrated marketing campaign calling on Canadians to Get Outside entered its second year in 2015, and this year, it needed to be bigger. This year, we would expand the campaign to multiple channels and practices, including government relations — this year we would motivate Canadians to call on their national government for a new holiday, Get Outside Day.

As Creative Director, my role included developing the strategy and multi-channel executions. Further, distinct ideas were needed for Coleman’s retail and media partners to truly make the program deep and wide. The team stretched into new territories and surpassed all program goals — except for one: it’s not a holiday yet, but just wait until 2016…

Concept lead
Creative Direction
Writing & editing
Digital strategy
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Web development
Client service

What is Get Outside Day?

Social Content


Canadian Tire Partnership

Canadian Tire joined the Get Outside campaign through its annual retail program, the Coleman Tent Event. Cohn & Wolfe produced 20 English and French videos through the eyes of a camper, waking up to 1,000 Reasons to Pitch a Tent. These videos were published in Facebook feeds, as we systematically whittled down the group to the best performers, ultimately to drive store traffic.





The MiO Squirtcar


Nike: Vancouver 2010

Kraft Hockeyville - Stirling Rawdon

Kraft Hockeyville

Playful family running on the beach and having fun. Focus is on foreground, on cheerful little boy.



Go RVing

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