The MiO Squirtcar

Making the world’s most original music venue


The only way to improve on this would be to have more of it.
- Jo Innes, National Post

Kraft’s MiO means Make it Original. And when Kraft tasked Edelman and partners with making the world’s most original music venue at Toronto’s North-by-Northeast (NXNE) music festival, we developed The MiO Squirtcar.

Rolling through downtown Toronto, this pumped-up TTC streetcar boasted vanguard acts including Reggie Watts, Wintersleep, and Macauley Culkin’s The Pizza Underground. Heads turned and mouths gaped as the moving concert throbbed along Queen St., and inside, the crowds bounced and cheered as they enjoyed the water enhancer for the first time.

As Creative Director, my role was to lead the development of the exterior and interior experience. The team was inspired by elements of live music venues and the MiO brand. The results? On the exterior, a graffiti theme applied to a white-brick as for the street car wrap — the graffiti erupting from a MiO bottle and swirling across the sides of the vehicle-building and forming into hundreds of characters, shapes, instruments, and pop-culture iconography. And to complete the story of this brand-new-venue-you’ve-always-loved, the wrap was adorned with awnings and electric boxed, neon signs, and wire grates. Inside, the theme continued, with individualized concert posters for each scheduled Squirtcar band an intricate mock-tile floor encouraging concert-goers to “Make it Original.”

Concept lead
Creative Direction
Writing & editing


Announcing The MiO Squirtcar

NXNE is noisy. We broke through.

Introducing The MiO Squirtcar to festival-goers and media included creating these striking branded assets for the NXNE media event. We incorporated MiO elements while teasing the original venue concept to build anticipation.


Building a venue meant designing the exterior, and the interior

For the interior, a team of designers crafted unique concert posters for each act performing on the streetcar.


The fans described it best


Social Media Impressions



The MiO Squirtcar


Nike: Vancouver 2010

Kraft Hockeyville - Stirling Rawdon

Kraft Hockeyville

Playful family running on the beach and having fun. Focus is on foreground, on cheerful little boy.



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