Nike: Vancouver 2010

Breaking through the Vancouver noise

Nike Canada was not a sponsor of the games. But, that does not stop the world’s greatest sports brand from owning the epic event every two years. And when the games came to Canada, Organic was tasked with finding a way to bring Nike Canada’s target audience, “Hockey Obsessed Teens,” or HOTs, closer to the events.

As lead strategist, my role was to find ways to engage with these burgeoning athletes, creating experiences that would enhance their interaction with the top hockey players’ exploits in Vancouver. We looked to emerging technologies and trends to create spectacle that would resonate. As a part of a fully-integrated campaign, highlights from the Organic team included the development of the TwitterStream, a real-time second-screen experience connecting Canadians as they watched Nike athletes compete, and the unleashing of Steve Dangle, Nike Canada’s YouTube reporter, who infiltrated the games and brought the athletes to Canadian teens and HOTs.

Concept lead
Digital strategy
Content strategy
Social strategy
Community management
User experience design

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Dangle's Angle at Vancouver 2010

The Nike Twitterstream


The Nike Twitterstream allowed Canadian hockey and sports fans to enhance their experience during key events, curating live tweets during the games in real-time. Fans connected through this shared experience as their reactions rushed by.



The MiO Squirtcar


Nike: Vancouver 2010

Kraft Hockeyville - Stirling Rawdon

Kraft Hockeyville

Playful family running on the beach and having fun. Focus is on foreground, on cheerful little boy.



Go RVing

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