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User Experience Bits #5: CD vs. UXD

A very interesting conversation is going on over on As the need for beautiful things and big ideas evolves into a need for usable things and open platforms, the role of the Creative Director is changing.

Enter the User-eXperience Designer, the man (or woman) “with the plan” for how the experience will work, grow, spread and evolve. Some argue that this is still the CD’s role, and others see the new emphasis requires balanced influence from more than one skill set. They overlap, sure, but just as the copywriter/designer team was shown to work best in the past in the advertising industry, so too this matchup will become the norm, I predict. It works for building architects and designers; car companies; event planners; game designers… but agencies still seem to struggle with it.

If you’ve hired a UXD, it’s not too late to elevate and socialize their importance and impact. If you haven’t got one yet, it’s not too late. Just be ready to create some Exceptional Experiences.

Thanks Seth. Now tell all my colleagues, please.

Seth wrote a blog post about me. Well, kind of.

Planned risk for buzz, growth and sales

Add this post on the Canadian Marketing Blog to the list of articles I think everyone I know should read. In fact, if I work with you on any project, please print this article out and read it before we sit down at a meeting.

Let’s do some things that generate buzz; that catch some users’ and customers’ attention. I’m not talking about setting fire to the brand and chopping down the business, just grabbing some momentum and market share and allowing room for some failures. Let’s set some benchmarks.