A new kind of Creative Director.

A new kind of Creative Director.

Craig Ritchie is a creative director whose work is rooted in modern marketing realities – bringing strategy to life through ideas led by PR and earned media, word-of-mouth, and digital first. With over 15 years’ experience across multiple channels creating content, marketing and consumer experiences, he has a rare understanding and insight into all areas of communications.

Craig has been employed as a writer, editor, designer, developer, and strategist – a broad set of skills to bring to bear as a Creative Director. He believes that while some Canadian agencies are struggling to find their identities and understand digital in ‘the digital age,’ successful agencies need to create work rooted in proper ethnographic research and purposeful creativity.



The MiO Squirtcar


Nike: Vancouver 2010

Kraft Hockeyville - Stirling Rawdon

Kraft Hockeyville

Playful family running on the beach and having fun. Focus is on foreground, on cheerful little boy.



Go RVing

Craig Ritchie

A new kind of Creative Director.


A new way to approach communications, marketing, and changing behaviors to meet business and organizational goals. Better strategy, execution & measurement.